Why Parents Need This Guide

Sex offenders may intentionally target child-serving organizations to access families and children.
Most children are involved in daily activities and extra-curricular programs that require them to spend time outside of your home, supervised by adults other than you. Child-serving organizations are generally committed to providing safe, nurturing environments for the children they serve, but may fail to implement or enforce policies to prevent sexual abuse. Organizations must be vigilant in establishing guidelines and protocols to protect children in their care.

Child sexual abuse is a serious problem and parents need to understand how it happens in order to recognize and prevent it.
Understanding child sexual abuse and how sex offenders target children can help parents and organizations develop tools and strategies to minimize risk.

It provides tools to help you choose safe organizations for your child, conduct a family safety questionnaire, and teach your child how to stay safe.
As a parent, you have a responsibility to make sure you choose organizations that have effective child protection measures in place. If your child is involved in a program that does not have child protection policies and procedures, tell them about Commit to Kids.

How To Use This Parent Guide

  1. Assess your personal safety knowledge
  2. Understand the risks. Learn about child sex offenders, the grooming process and child sexual abuse
  3. Learn what, when and how to report abuse and misconduct
  4. Implement safety tools, including a family safety plan and lessons on personal safety and boundaries
  5. Learn how to choose safe organizations for your child by asking questions
This guide is tailored specifically to parents. It provides you with the information you need to understand the issue, assess your knowledge, protect your child, and choose safe organizations.