The following questionnaire will help your organization identify what systems are in place for preventing child sexual abuse, as well as any areas that may be lacking. Before you start implementing the Commit to Kids program, it is first necessary to understand what your organization is already doing to help protect children.

  1. Does your organization have procedures for assessing and managing risks? If so, what are they? Are they reviewed regularly and every time new programs, services or activities are added?
  2. Does your organization have a code of conduct that addresses how employees/volunteers interact with children with regard to verbal conduct, physical contact, appropriate boundaries, and inappropriate communication? Is the code of conduct visible throughout the organization and shared with all employees, volunteers and parents?
  3. Does your organization have screening protocols that assess an employee/volunteer’s history at the time of hiring to determine his/her suitability to work with children?
  4. Does your organization promote regular and informal supervision of all employees/volunteers, particularly those who work with children?
  5. Does your organization have policies and procedures in place to help employees/volunteers understand what they must do if a child indicates s/he has been sexually abuse by someone outside of your organization?
  6. Does your organization have policies and procedures in place to address any allegations, charges or convictions related to illegal behaviour? Are they current to legislative changes? Do these policies address allegations where there are no charges, where charges are dismissed or where charges are stayed?
  7. Does your organization have protocols in place for dealing with inappropriate behaviour between employees/volunteers and children, sexualized behaviours (e.g. sexual talk, leering, flirting) or touching that makes others feel uncomfortable?
  8. Does your organization have training and awareness programs regarding sexual abuse and inappropriate behaviour for Employees? Management? Volunteers? Children? Parents?
  9. What are some of the major issues/challenges your organization could face (or has faced) when dealing with allegations of sexual abuse against a child by employees/volunteers?
  10. List some suggestions or recommendations from within your organization that will better protect children from sexual abuse.